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Monsieur Joczy's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Monsieur Joczy

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bow to avy: THIS MAY TURN OUT TO BE A STEVE RECORD =-O [19 Jul 2004|10:52pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

All right I am updating since I haven't in awhile. Of course I am still slacking on the whole signing on more often. I always go to sign on but I have an extremely short attention span and always seem to push it off and end up doing some else.

Okay I remember I actually had something of substance to update about but my mind just went blank since I just realized I missed that strip poker thing that Carmen Electra was hosting. WHY ME?! God I hope they re-run that shit! Alright now that I completely got off what I was planning on updating about (I told you my attention span was zero) now I guess I will get on with my attempt at an informative update!

So first I have to mention the whole Summersonic thing we are doing in Japan, Green day, Avril Laveeny and some other bands I can't remember whom at the moment are playing there too, I think. I don't know I am not good at details; I just do what I am told most of the time. But really I really should have just put: "Look out folks more pictures of Deryck and Avril groping each other in public should be surfacing and a possible small amount of Deryck not attached to Avril face but instead doing the cool \m/-V-\m/ (look I even made Deryck’s nose semi realistic) with Cone, Dave and myself. It is hard to imagine this happening I know. Oh yeah we are also playing but who really cares about that when there are make out sessions to be exploited!!!!" That would have pretty much sum up the bands involvement at Summersonic. So on with my 2nd and final informative topic!!!

October 12th, 2004. Everyone mark this day down on you calendars or palm pilot things or whatever the hell you schedule your life on. Oct. 12th is the day I know all of you have been waiting patiently for for 6 long months. OUR RECORD FINALLY IS RELEASED! OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH OCT. 12TH. I hope you are all clearing your schedules on October 12th so that nothing can stop you from waking up bright and early and rushing down to whatever record store you are near and buy multiple copies of the album!! Actually you might as well clear October 11th too since you want to get to sleep at a decent hour, aka: 7 pm, so that you can wake up early and get there right as the store opens!! I don't know just go buy the damn thing, geeze!

Even though this update is already enormous, I am suppose to mention Avril’s name at least 10 times and I think I only have it in there 3 or 4 times. Avril you should have signed your ass on yesterday so that you could have been included in the oh so awesome chat Deryck, Christina and I had. But I spilt Dr. Pepper all over my damn keyboard and had to sign off like 5 minutes into the chat. So I suppose you didn’t miss much. Uh can’t I just go Avril Avril Avril Avril Avril Avril Avril Avril Avril Avril Avril? And be done? Because my attention span is started to deteriorate making updating extremely hard at the moment. Oh well I am done because I don’t have shit to update about now and I’m hungry, peace out far knockers :)

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cut and paste cut and past cut and paste [27 Jun 2004|06:27pm]
For all of us canadians, the canadian federal election is goin' down this Monday so make sure and get your asses out there and put in your check marks. If you're a slack ass and don't really know what's going on you can check out www.stopharper.com for a little info on why I'll be voting how I will be. Either way, just get out there and do it.

End political update.
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haha i wonder if i ever added myself correctly oops [26 May 2004|01:31am]
[ mood | lazy ]

whats up i am alive. maybe tomorrow i will sign on or something but usually deryck is the only one ever on line so whats up deryck! are we in the congo yet? this is my update i hope you really weren't expecting more from me because i hardly ever make more of an effort than this, you all should be use to it by now, adios!

ps why is brad fitz on my friends page? has the world come to end? god i am going back to bed >:O

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RUUUUUUNNN AWAYAYWYA go simple plan >:O [22 Apr 2004|08:52am]

This was a lot harder to make than I thought it would be and oops it got long :-x I love you all and I'm pretty fucking dissapointed in other but hey that's why I'm leaving. and I swear to god mark if you make any corrections I kick your canadian ass beyatch ;) okay this is long, bye everyone :-*Collapse )

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I need to check my friends page more :x [16 Apr 2004|03:15am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

[This has all probably blown over or whatever, I am always late on this shit. But I wanted to say something about all this. First of all stop attacking Tasha-shaped (I don't know your real name, sorry) I was the one who gave her the damn conversation, she heard about it and wanted to see it. I can't believe you guys would freak out on her like that. I don't know but if you are going to IM anyone and tell them to leave then you should have IMed me and not her. I'm not sure if Tasha-shaped actually left or not but if she leaves for this bullshit then so am I. I love this place but this is just pathetic.]

well what the point of updating now. The brackets throw off everything >:O

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these always turn out bitchy [08 Apr 2004|11:14am]
[ mood | awake ]

I feel like making one of my huge long update about nothing at all. But I don't know what I could talk about right now.

I don't know how many of you have actually had a conversation with Tyson besides Tasha but that kid is a real idiot. I mean more than Pierre and that is a lot. He has been obsessing about me listening to Brand New's CD. So I finally listen to it because he is just that annoying that it can drive to do something you don't want to do but anyways and now he is giving me the a lesson on everything Brand New its really creepy how much that kid knows about that band. I think its safe to say Tyson is a Brand New groupie. I was going to pull out the thing he said in logs about Jesse Lacey being the only guy he let fuck him but log manager isn't opening. Maybe I will edit this later and put it in :)

I hope we finish this album soon because I'm ready to go back on the road and then have something to update about besides Tyson's Brand New obsession. There was something else I wanted to update about. Oh yeah we need to get a big community chat going sometime soon. One where AVRIL attends, god damn. Tasha you need to go spam her in box and get her to come back. Same goes for cone! Where is everyone. Deryck are you still alive? YOU NAG GREIG ABOUT UPDATING WELL NOW ITS YOUR TURN BITCH AND IF YOU MAKE A ONE-LINER I WILL....WELL I DON'T KNOW YET BUT I DO KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. So just update :) Uhm who else is kind of dead around here? I don't know but this is really really long and I only planned for it to be a paragraph or so, adios

ps I have a really weird feeling that I spelt greig's name wrong but I didn't wth?

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HE IS THE REAL IDIOT >:o [05 Apr 2004|05:56pm]
[ mood | amused ]


bang stevo: you are sounding like an idiot and you don't even realize it
X Pierre SP x: it comes naturally ;D

X Pierre SP x: yes i am, I'm the smartest. you are as dumb as dirt. HAH.
X Pierre SP x: even you admit it!
X Pierre SP x: dumb as dirt, haha
X Pierre SP x: you are the one who is dumb as dirt here
X Pierre SP x: AHAHAHAHA, this is why you are as dumb as dirt
X Pierre SP x: or, in your case, you pay attention, but you're dumb as dirt


edit: AHAHAHAHAH one more

X Pierre SP x: NO. because you are as dumb....no. I'm not going to even say it!
X Pierre SP x: everything I say, I risk it getting posted

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[03 Apr 2004|08:11pm]
[ mood | I DON'T KNOW ]


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[31 Mar 2004|12:32am]
Im never coming online again, whenever I come online people always either aren't on or have an away message up >:O
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hacks O=) [23 Mar 2004|12:07am]
I LOVE TYSON :-* and not you
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[21 Mar 2004|01:41am]
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:'( [13 Mar 2004|12:09pm]
Deryck/Sven/Bizzy D/Der Jayson Whibley (bizzy_der) replied to your LiveJournal comment

Their reply was:

Oh and since I can't post this in my journal, people will have to read this here (that you have apparently posted on the slag):

Dear goons,
We regret to inform you that Cone has left the band to settle down with Shannon and start a family. We will be holding auditions for a new bassist and hopefully will get one as good as Cone. Though we know that no one could ever replace cone as a friend or musician but as a band we will have to try to continue with out him. As a result in him leaving Hot Blonde Snooter Sandwich has been postponed until a later date

From here, you can:
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this is basically me talking out of my ass to make this entry long [12 Mar 2004|07:09pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Mark this on your calendars people stevo is updating.

I really have nothing to update about so this will make for a pathetic and boring update but I thought maybe someone should take the load of Tasha. Her update about Deryck dieing kind of amused me a lot and I don't know why. Why him getting a whole update about dieing is beyond me I mean come on people he isn't THAT special sup deryck

God so I see pierre is back. I was kind of happy yet sad without the happy sounding like I am a complete jackass but did that make sense oh well. ps pierre what is up with the mow hawk is this your attempt to be hxc? and you people complain about my hair GO FOCUS YOUR HAIR CRITISIZING ON PIERRE HE IS THE ONE IN NEED OF IT!

So the other day deryck was telling me that people on the slag are giving out my address and have my phone number I am waiting for the fans to come flocking in god I should probably go stay at a motel 6 or maybe even Anna Nicole has an extra room I can room in I mean at least 4 beds had to have been cleared out because of her gigantic weight loss but anyways I should leave my house because soon enough there will be 3948573948759834 fans outside my door step wanting my sex and I only have one penis and even though I probably could take them all in my bed just the thought of how many under agers will be there gives me the willys but anyways I probably shouldn't give away details about where I am staying god can a guy get a break? I was going to say something else witty and funny but I forgot but it would be a refreshment from all these horrible joke pierre keeps post hello pierre!

Tyson fucking Ritter I hate you please stop IMing me and singing grease you are a horrible singer and your voice sounds like a cat being strangled please go back to Otown or whatever band you came from

That is all for today folks I hope you enjoyed peace and chicken grease

ps http://pictures.greatestjournal.com/userimg/566164/207012 - whats up ladies?

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[08 Mar 2004|09:31pm]
The guys of yellowcard need journals, that is all.
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I blocked him :D [04 Mar 2004|05:31am]
[ mood | amused ]

bang stevo (1:23:18 AM): who do i have to kill to get a sandwhich around here?
tyson hates you (1:23:59 AM): Last night Bill Cosby ate my toe.
bang stevo (1:24:30 AM): ...
tyson hates you (1:26:13 AM): there will be no white flag above my headddddddd
bang stevo (1:26:35 AM): that is the freakest fucking song
tyson hates you (1:26:35 AM): oh wait it's door, i can't even remember the lyrics
tyson hates you (1:26:53 AM): no it's noit!!
tyson hates you (1:26:54 AM): i am in love and will always beeee
bang stevo (1:27:10 AM): YES IT IS
tyson hates you (1:27:26 AM): HOW
bang stevo (1:27:49 AM): I DO NOT LIKE DIDO
tyson hates you (1:28:01 AM): DO YOU LIKE DILDOS?
bang stevo (1:28:25 AM): NOT INPARTICULARLY
tyson hates you (1:28:55 AM): do you like that song hey ya god hat is my faodoforirirtieee
bang stevo (1:29:13 AM): meh
tyson hates you (1:29:22 AM): wtf is meg
tyson hates you (1:29:26 AM): ,meh
tyson hates you (1:29:26 AM): meh
bang stevo (1:29:35 AM): it means meh
tyson hates you(1:29:43 AM): wtf does meg mean
tyson hates you (1:29:48 AM): meh
tyson hates you (1:30:05 AM): maybe i a still drunj from last night
bang stevo (1:30:15 AM): i am thinking so
tyson hates you (1:30:27 AM): wtf i mhe though
tyson hates you (1:30:31 AM): is meh*
tyson hates you (1:30:48 AM): is it me?
bang stevo (1:31:02 AM): no
tyson hates you (1:31:06 AM): and wtf is aboot? i put aboot up your ass? i don'tk now
bang stevo (1:31:21 AM): you are one weird kid
tyson hates you (1:31:30 AM): thanks
tyson hates you (1:31:34 AM): sorry i am not canadian!!
bang stevo (1:31:54 AM): yes too bad
tyson hates you (1:33:00 AM): abowt!?
tyson hates you (1:33:04 AM): about*
bang stevo (1:33:15 AM): with a double u
tyson hates you (1:33:46 AM): shut up i am getting confused
bang stevo (1:34:10 AM): hahaha
tyson hates you (1:34:39 AM): a doube U or w?
tyson hates you (1:34:46 AM): ew :-(
bang stevo (1:34:47 AM): its the same thing
tyson hates you (1:34:48 AM): okydfdsgfdgh
tyson hates you (1:34:48 AM): fd
tyson hates you (1:34:48 AM): hfd
tyson hates you (1:34:49 AM): h
bang stevo (1:34:59 AM): LMFAO
tyson hates you (1:35:01 AM): no a double U is uu
tyson hates you (1:35:04 AM): omg
tyson hates you (1:35:06 AM): :-[
bang stevo (1:35:27 AM): hahaa you make things so difficult
tyson hates you (1:36:35 AM): well you knodouble u doube uhat i don't care
tyson hates you (1:36:48 AM): i hope that confused you
bang stevo (1:36:57 AM): it confused the shit out of me
tyson hates you (1:37:04 AM): me too
bang stevo (1:37:08 AM): stop drinking please
tyson hates you (1:37:23 AM): no ilik rum
bang stevo (1:37:43 AM): and you call me a stupid drunk
tyson hates you (1:38:19 AM): oh well i can down this shjit like water and not get durnk ui dont' think i am drunk i'm not srunk shut up
bang stevo (1:38:36 AM): lmao rrrright
tyson hates you (1:39:18 AM): i hope you get peed on by a bum
bang stevo (1:39:41 AM): i hope you grow a sixth toe
tyson hates you (1:39:56 AM): dont we have 10 toes
bang stevo (1:40:17 AM): and 11th toe
tyson hates you (1:40:24 AM): then thats 12
bang stevo (1:41:20 AM): stop trying to do math
tyson hates you (1:42:01 AM): huh
tyson hates you (1:43:41 AM): i want to go run abourn the neighborhoo naked
bang stevo (1:43:54 AM): then go
tyson hates you (1:44:19 AM): ok
tyson hates you (1:44:19 AM): ay
tyson hates you (1:50:44 AM): it is toocold
bang stevo (1:50:57 AM): woss
tyson hates you (1:51:04 AM): oits like
tyson hates you (1:51:08 AM): 367!
bang stevo (1:51:52 AM): lmao what?
tyson hates you (1:52:27 AM): it is that coold
bang stevo (1:53:27 AM): okay then
tyson hates you (1:54:30 AM): what is spork
bang stevo (1:54:46 AM): its a cross between an fork and a spoon
tyson hates you (1:55:11 AM): why not a knife
tyson hates you (1:56:32 AM): why not a sporknife
tyson hates you (2:00:22 AM): TELL ME OR I WILL NEVER TALK TO YOU AGAIN
bang stevo (2:00:45 AM): you are so dramatic
tyson hates you (2:00:50 AM): TELL ME OR I WILL NEVER TALK TO YOU AGAIN
bang stevo (2:01:29 AM): uhm i don't remember
tyson hates you (2:01:37 AM): i hate you, fo
tyson hates you (2:01:39 AM): realz
tyson hates you (2:01:56 AM): you're not the milk and cheerios in my spoon anymore
tyson hates you (2:02:00 AM): lmao avril :-[
bang stevo (2:02:12 AM): WTF?
tyson hates you (2:02:16 AM): hahhaha
tyson hates you (2:02:23 AM): it's from an avril lavigne song
tyson hates you (2:02:27 AM): now tell me foolio
bang stevo (2:02:35 AM): lmfao you know I am posting that!

Sorry no cut and tag this is too funny to cut and tag and plus my friends page needs to move! bai --------->

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fucking memegens >:O [29 Feb 2004|08:59am]
[ mood | night vision goggles ]

So Cone and Greig are here...
1. cone why are your journal colors pink? I hate you bai---->
2. and why why why do your comment links say such untrue things >:O
3. who is this Greig Nori guy? I kind of hate him already O=)
4. I hate you all, I just wanted to throw that in so you wouldn't feel left out ;)
5. Stupid-mother-fucking-piece-of-shit-on-a-stick-memegens->:O

WINNER!!!123fourfive67Collapse )

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god all of you [26 Feb 2004|06:33am]
Updates >:O
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Hot Blonde Snooter Sandwich... [17 Feb 2004|09:10pm]
SUM 41 frontman Deryck Whibley has revealed the the working title for their new album will be "Hot Blonde Snooter Sandwich".

"The title's about these two hot chicks we know who are big cokehead," he explains. "But they're just friends and definitely not on any reality TV shows at the moment."

So that title is not a dig at the pint-sized frontman's ex-girlfriend, Paris Hilton, the heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune who's currently starring in TV show "The Simple Life" with Lionel Richie's daughter, Nicole. Everyone got that?

Whibley, who is in a Toronto studio with his band mates recording the follow-up to the 2002's "Does This Look Infected?", says that the recent attention from the paparazzi during his relationship with Hilton has darkened the mood for the forthcoming album.

"I didn't know how to deal with the press attention," he shrugs. "I'm shy and hate it when people invade my personal space. Were bringing everything we've learned to this album yet, its a very different, exciting direction for us."

Songs currently set to be included are "No Reason", "Teenage Queen", "88", "Bitter End" and "Can't Complain". Sum 41 plan to release their album in June through Mercury.
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SUCKA! [15 Feb 2004|02:27am]

Its fucking foamy okay? GO WATCH THE VIDEOS!!! I AM HYPNOTIZING YOU...GO WATCH THE VIDEO'S AND GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY :D foamy is a genius go watch the videos....NOW!

ps FUCK VALENTINES DAYS helps deryck spit on the happy couples >:O
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [12 Feb 2004|05:17pm]
[ mood | TWICE ]

HI. WHY AM I UPDATING AGAIN? I have a scratch on the top of my lip and it sort of really hurts. It is worse than a paper cut and it is kind of scabbing now and it's stinging.

There is a fly in here I have to go bust out one of deryck's abnormally small shoes this point update was really pointless ADIOS

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