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Monsieur Joczy
23 July
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Believe us you hang out with us you'll realize, we watch us constantly, we listen to us constantly, we think we are the best and funniest, coolest people on the Earth

Damn Deryck: I am Lucifer.
imm0rtal amy: I am the spawn of satan.
bang stevo: im satans slut
imm0rtal amy: Ew
Damn Deryck: Lucifer and Satan are the same in one, I hope you know.
imm0rtal amy: Yes I know this.
imm0rtal amy: Therefore, Stevo is your slut.
Damn Deryck: Ew.
Damn Deryck: Fuck no.
bang stevo: dirrty

bizzy_der- Cat Woman!

blowing up paris!